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quality assurance

Unser Qualitätsversprechen

State of the art technology

At LEIMER, ensuring the highest product quality is our top priority. The production of our products is guided by years of expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Our products are manufactured and packaged on fully automated production lines, utilizing special manufacturing processes and production facilities that adhere to the latest technological advancements. Continuous process monitoring and optimization, along with systematic production planning, form the foundation of our production process.

Qualität durch beste Technik

Fresh white bread

"Quality through freshness" - we have been committed to this philosophy for over 100 years. The revolutionary idea of producing breadcrumbs not from old bread but from extra freshly baked white bread has always ensured the highest product quality. Every day we bake and process 300 tons of fresh white bread into LEIMER breadcrumb specialities, dumpling bread and croutons.

Qualität durch beste Frische

Selected raw materials

High-quality raw materials are the foundation of a premium product. That's why we only process selected quality flours with controlled cultivation. We source all our spices from long-standing, reliable partners. Samples are regularly taken from the raw materials to the finished product and tested by independent laboratories to continuously ensure the highest product quality.

Qualität durch beste Frische

Highest standards

Ensuring the safe production of food in compliance with all relevant legal requirements is our top priority. Through our existing quality management system with an integrated HACCP concept, LEIMER regularly receives the IFS certification at a higher level. The certifications according to the BIO-regulation as well as the specifications according to Kosher and Halal round off the efficiency of our portfolio.

Qualität durch beste Frische
Karlheinz & Karl Leimer, Unternehmer
For over 100 years, we have been supporting cooks, from beginners to professionals, with our quality products, bringing joy and pleasure to the kitchen. To achieve this, we utilize carefully selected high-quality flours to freshly bake the bread for our products every day. Every step of the production process is monitored, to ensure the high quality and sustainability of our products. In the past, present, and future alike.
Karlheinz Leimer, Managing Director

Certificates and awards

We can confidently assure you that our products meet the highest quality standards.