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The traditional company LEIMERHistory


From a delicate bakery to successful quality brand

It all started with the brilliant idea of no longer making breadcrumbs from stale bread, but only from fresh white bread baked especially for this purpose. That was the starting signal for an unprecedented success story. The bakery became a brand manufacturer that is completely committed to the philosophy of "quality through freshness".

From a delicate bakery to successful quality brand
the founders

The founders

The brothers Josef and Carl Leimer took over the bakery and confectionery Jäger at the main square in Traunstein in 1919. At the same time, they built up a wholesale bakery and supplied the retail trade in Chiemgau and Rupertigau with fine baked goods.

the LEIMER idea

Quality through freshness

The revolutionary idea to no longer produce breadcrumbs from old bread but from especially baked fresh bread was the beginning of an unprecedented success story.

Karl Leimer

The company flourishes

Under the management of Karl Leimer, the company developed into a leading brand manufacturer.

LEIMER radio

The slogan

With the start of radio advertising in the 1950s, the well-known slogan became engrained in consumers' minds.

The breadcrumbs from Leimer - with these breadcrumbs, we'll stay.
LEIMER panat

The innovation

The innovation of LEIMER PANAT was one of the first convenience products ever on the market!

LEIMER industry building

LEIMER relocates

Relocation to the current company premises in the industrial area.

LEIMER soup ingredients

A wide range of products

The product range was constantly expanded, e.g. with soup ingredients such as baked peas, marrow dumplings, pancakes and semolina dumplings.

LEIMER croutons

It gets crunchy

As a novelty for the German market, LEIMER developed the "Bon appétit" croutons, roasted white bread cubes in various flavours.


LEIMER becomes organic

The market for organic food is developing. LEIMER now also offers selected products in organic quality.

LEIMER gluten-free

LEIMER becomes gluten-free

LEIMER introduced a gluten-free breadcrumb for gluten-sensitive consumers.

Karlheinz Leimer

LEIMER in third generation

With traditional values and state-of-the-art technology, LEIMER, under the leadership of Karlheinz Leimer, remains a reliable partner for retail, professional chefs, and the food processing industry. Every day, 300 tons of fresh white bread are processed into LEIMER products.

LEIMER white bread

100 years LEIMER

A good reason to celebrate! With confidence, we look towards the future, holding on to what has proven successful while eagerly embracing new challenges and innovations.