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LEIMER industrial solutions

Everything from one source

LEIMER offers solutions for all industries and sectors of food processing. And we produce fresh! Always. At LEIMER, we are specialists with years of expertise, and we are happy to share that with you. With innovative product ideas and the highest quality consciousness, we provide value-enhancing solutions for products that we tailor to your requirements.


For decades, we have been a reliable and professional partner by your side when it comes to adapting to the increasingly diverse dietary trends. We always prioritize continuous product quality and work with a regional and international logistics and distribution network.

Everything from one source

Customised solutions for you

With our long-standing expertise in the industrial sector, we are fully committed to being your professional partner. Experience the functionality of our quality products and create visual and flavorful highlights with our creative solutions.


Do you need our support? We understand the needs of food manufacturers and are happy to visit your facility. Let's work together to find the optimal solution for your product.

Customised solutions

LEIMER product diversity

Grain size - colour - taste. Our variables for appetising variety.

And all this can be customised according to individual needs.


The first step to perfect breading results or for thickening soups and sauces.

Dry coating
Dry coating

Customised in any grain size, with numerous flavours and admixtures.

Wet coating
Wet coating

Standardised and specific solutions for all areas of application, for secure adhesion.


The crispy breading in perfection for meat, seafood and vegetables.


With exact cube or lengthwise cut, in a variety of flavours.

White bread crumbs & dumpling bread

Available in different grain sizes, individually adapted to your needs.

Capacity and flexibility

On our fully automated production lines, over 300 tons of fresh white bread are baked and processed into LEIMER products every day.


In our in-house technical center, we collaborate with our customers and industry partners to experiment with new recipes. These trial runs often ignite new product ideas. With guidance from our experts, you, as a customer, can develop and test product concepts on our modern machines and equipment, right on-site, until they are market-ready. The following resources are available to you:


  • Vacuum tumbler/marinator
  • Deep fryers
  • Vario-cookers
  • Teriyaki/griddle grill
  • Automatic coating line
  • Convection ovens
  • Shock freezers, Multifresh blast chillers, and more
Leimer Qualitätsversprechen


Our LEIMER products are naturally suitable for a wide range of applications.

It doesn't always have to be schnitzel – even cauliflower, cheese, moist products, and more can be coated with LEIMER.

Vegan & Vegetarisch
Vegan & Vegetarian

Application videos

FOODFOOX is the world's unique video platform for the food industry. Here we provide you with application videos around our industrial products. Take a look!

Highest quality

On our fully automated production lines, over 300 tons of fresh white bread are baked and processed into LEIMER products daily. A continuous quality control system ensures the consistent high quality of all our products. Samples are regularly taken from the raw materials to the finished products and tested by experts in independent laboratories. Our partner laboratories specialize in food testing.


Through our existing quality management system with an integrated HACCP concept, LEIMER regularly receives the IFS certification at a higher level. We round off our portfolio with certifications that comply with the organic regulation, as well as the requirements for Kosher and Halal.

Highest quality
Highest quality
Flexible production lines 
Short delivery times

When things have to move fast - our standard portfolio is always available.

Variable delivery units

We deliver in all common packaging and delivery units - from sacks to silo trains.

Individual consulting

Do you need support?
Together we will find the optimal solution for your product.

Packaging made for your needs

We get all our packaging materials from IFS-certified suppliers. We offer all common types of packaging to suit your batch sizes in production.


The capacity or filling of bags is determined by the granulation of the respective product. Depending on the application, we fill paper and PE standard bags and deliver them on all common standard pallets such as Euro, IPPC, disposable, and plastic pallets for the hygiene sector. We get our packaging exclusively from ISO/IFS certified suppliers.




Big Bags

Our integrated suction conveyor system enables the automatic filling of big bags in all common sizes. Depending on your production capacity and required batch size, we are able to fill all breadcrumb and white bread crumb products into bulk containers such as big bags. They can be returned as part of a reusable system upon request.

Big Bags

Tank truck

For processors who rely on cost-effective material management, we provide maximum availability of our free-flowing products. Our external silos enable direct and dust-free filling of tank trucks with breadcrumb, ensuring hygienic conditions.

Tank truck

Product Development at LEIMER

In our in-house technical center, new recipes are tested in collaboration with our customers and industry partners: professional coating under real-life conditions. Often, these trial runs are the birthplace of new product ideas. With guidance from our experts, as a customer, you can develop and test product ideas on-site, from concept to market readiness, using our modern machines and equipment.

Forschung & Entwicklung im Hause LEIMER

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