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LEIMER Spelt Soup Pearls

The most popular soup ingredient, our LEIMER Soup Pearls, are now available in hearty spelt flour. The valuable ancient grain is becoming more and more popular and our spelt soup pearls are fully in line with the trend of modern nutrition.

100 g Bag
300 g Family pack
  • Spelt flour*
  • Palm oil
  • Sweet whey powder
  • Salt
  • raising agents (E450, E500)
  • Starch
  • whole egg powder**


*spelt is a type of wheat

**from barn husbandry

Gluten Egg Milk
Available hereNutrition table
LEIMER Dinkel Backerbsen 100g
LEIMER Dinkel Backerbsen 300g

Our spelt soup pearls are particularly suitable for

  • LEIMER Spelt Soup Pearls are sprinkled into the ready-to-serve soup shortly before serving.
  • The perfect vegetarian soup garnish for a clear broth
  • Also a delight as a snack with wine and beer
  • Popular with young and old
LEIMER Backerbsen

Quality through freshness

The revolutionary idea to produce breadcrumbs no longer from old bread but from extra baked fresh white-bread was the beginning of the unparalleled success story of LEIMER. On the fully automatic baking lines and around the clock, 300 tons of fresh white-bread are processed to LEIMER branded products.