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LEIMER Croutons unseasoned

Our LEIMER Croutons unseasoned are not deep-fried and are therefore a light delicacy. White bread cut into cubes is delicately toasted. Without artificial flavour enhancers.

100 g Folding box
  • Wheat flour
  • Palm fat
  • Salt
  • Yeast
  • Sugar


May contain traces of dairy and celery. 

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LEIMER Croutons ungewürzt

Our croutons are particularly suitable for

  • The crowning glory for salads and soups
  • Also a delicacy as snacks
  • 7 varieties to choose from - try them:
  • • Unseasoned
  • • Herbs
  • • Tomato
  • • Cheese
  • • Onion/Garlic
  • • Sweet Chili
  • • Wholemeal
LEIMER Croutons ungewürzt

Quality through freshness

The revolutionary idea to produce breadcrumbs no longer from old bread but from extra baked fresh white-bread was the beginning of the unparalleled success story of LEIMER. On the fully automatic baking lines and around the clock, 300 tons of fresh white-bread are processed to LEIMER branded products.