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Asian salad Bavarian style

Fusion cuisine can be this simple: Our Asian salad with chicken strips combines Asian and Bavarian ingredients. The fruity dressing with raspberries, soy sauce and wheat beer gives our creation its unique taste.

30 min
Asian salad Bavarian style

Ingredients (for 4 portions)

200 g
Asian leaf salads
80 g
cocktail tomatoes
0.5 Piece
1 Piece
spring onion
fresh raspberries
1 Piece
chili pepper
2 Piece
chicken breast
young sprouts
150 ml
wheat beer (with or without alcohol)
50 g
frozen raspberries
30 ml
raspberry syrup
40 ml
raspberry vinegar
1 dsp
soy sauce
1 tsp
spicy mustard
200 ml
olive oil
salt, pepper, chili powder
20 ml
raspberry brandy
LEIMER Croutons Sweet Chili, alternatively: Croutons Herbs, Croutons Tomato


  • Wash the lettuce, spin dry and cut into bite-sized pieces. Cut the tomatoes into quarters and slice the cucumber. Slice the spring onion and chilli pepper into rings.
  • Cut the chicken breast into strips, fry and season to taste.
  • For the dressing, mix the wheat beer, frozen raspberries, raspberry syrup, vinegar, soy sauce, mustard and olive oil until smooth to create a creamy dressing. Season to taste with salt, pepper and chili powder. Refine with a dash of raspberry brandy if desired.
  • Serve the salad and place the chicken strips on top. Garnish with young sprouts, fresh raspberries, spring onions and chilli and drizzle over the dressing. Sprinkle with LEIMER Sweet Chili Croutons.

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