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LEIMER Cornflakes Breadcrumb Mix

The gourmet mix for all breaded products. There are no limits to the possibilities of use. With LEIMER cornflakes breading, schnitzels and nuggets become a special crunchy experience.

1,5 kg Large kitchen pack
  • Wheat flour
  • 15 % cornflakes (maize, salt, sugar, barley malt extract)
  • Yeast
  • Salt


May contain traces of egg, dairy, mustard and sesame.

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LEIMER Cornflakes Paniermehl 1,5kg

What you should know about our cornflakes breadcrumb mix

  • Loose and particularly crunchy
  • "Pick-up of the product is even
  • Visually appealing breading
  • "American style" taste
  • Classic for the crispy cutlet in the catering sector


For more assortment competence and gross profit!

LEIMER Cornflakes Paniermehl

Quality through freshness

The revolutionary idea to produce breadcrumbs no longer from old bread but from extra baked fresh white-bread was the beginning of the unparalleled success story of LEIMER. On the fully automatic baking lines and around the clock, 300 tons of fresh white-bread are processed to LEIMER branded products.

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