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HorecaLEIMER for professionals

LEIMER for professionals

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A variety of our brand products are also available in bulk packaging, meeting the specific requirements of professional chefs in the hospitality, institutional, and healthcare sectors.


LEIMER products are easy to use and can be processed quickly and effortlessly. Made from high-quality ingredients, our products consistently deliver superior quality and consistent flavor. They are suitable for a wide range of dishes and can be used in various applications. Whether as a coating for meat and fish, in soups, salads, casseroles, or desserts, our products always provide a perfect solution for professional chefs. Because you and we know: With LEIMER products, every dish becomes a taste sensation, effortlessly and quickly!

Sicherheit und Verlässlichkeit  à la Minute

Reimagining the proven

Rediscover or enhanc traditional dishes? Try something new and modern? You can do it all with LEIMER. We have some recipe ideas for you - let yourself be inspired.

Highest quality

On our fully automated production lines, over 300 tons of fresh white bread are baked and processed into LEIMER products daily. A continuous quality control system ensures the consistent high quality of all our products. Samples are regularly taken from the raw materials to the finished products and tested by experts in independent laboratories. Our partner laboratories specialize in food testing.


Through our existing quality management system with an integrated HACCP concept, LEIMER regularly receives the IFS certification at a higher level. We round off our portfolio with certifications that comply with the organic regulations, as well as the requirements for Kosher and Halal.


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