Vegetarian Dishes

Leimer Breadcrumbs Red, Coarse

Perfectly suited for convenience-products. Even before cooking, all products will get an optically particularly appealing coating with Leimer breadcrumbs red, coarse.

✓ Loosely, light, crunchy

✓ Even pick-up

✓ Suited for every application

✓ Particularly appealing golden coating

✓ Crunchy, crispy optical characteristic



Leimer Breadcrumbs White, Fine

For the application in pasta fillings for pasta squares, tortellini and pelmeni. Leimer Breadcrumbs White, Fine creates the optimal adhesion of filling and dough and guarantees the best stability and binding of liquids.

✓ Best binding of liquids

✓ Typical neutral white-bread taste

✓ Pleasant mouth feel





Leimer Cornflakes Coating

The crunchy experience for all coated products. Concerning the application possibilities, there are no limits to the imagination. With Leimer Cornflakes Coating, nuggets will become particularly crunchy. The optics already promises a crunchy experience.

✓ Loosely, particularly crunchy

✓ Even pick-up

✓ Amount of cornflakes individually adjustable

✓ Optically pleasant coating

✓ American style flavour




Leimer Sesame Coating

Consisting of red, semi-coarse crunchy breadcrumbs and peeled sesame seed, products as mini-schnitzel or chicken nuggets get a particularly oriental flavour. Products with Leimer Sesame Coating are as well an optical highlight.

✓ Loosely, particularly crunchy

✓ Even pick-up

✓ Amount of sesame individually adjustable

✓ Optically pleasant coating

✓ Nutty, exotic flavour



Leimer Battermix Camembert

Leimer battermix especially for white mould cheese is ideally applied in the two- or four-step process. In combination with the different Leimer breadcrumbs, you will get an optimally matched amount of coating and a perfect cripsness.

✓ Clean Label

✓ Especially strong adhesion of the coating

✓ No blistering

✓ Individual adaption of the viscosity possible

✓ Without modified starches

✓ Easy handling