Leimer Breadcrumbs White, Medium

Optimized for the application in apple strudel and fruit-filled pastry, you will get the best binding of liquids with Leimer breadcrumbs white. The neutral colour and the medium granulation guarantee a variety of application possibilities.

✓ Medium-coarse granulation

✓ Very good water binding

✓ Emphasizes the taste of the filling

✓ Pleasant mouth feel



Leimer Breadcrumbs White, Fine

Roasted in butter, seasoned with sugar, Leimer Breadcrumbs White, Fine are a tasty and optical highlight on traditional fruit- and apricot dumplings. The homogenous granulation guarantees an even roasting result and a particularly smooth mouthfeel.

✓ Homogenous granulation

✓ Crunchy, loosely

✓ Perfectly suited for roasting and gratinating