Leimer Organic Breadcrumbs White, Coarse

Made from 100% organically grown raw materials, Leimer organic white-bread shreds are optimal for the application in the filling of organic pasta squares. The optimal binding of the filling and the dough guarantees best stability and reduction of the moisture loss.

✓ For cutting in fillings

✓ Very good structure enhancer and texturizer

✓ Pleasant mouth feel

✓ Emphasizes the taste of the filling



Leimer Organic Breadcrumbs Red, Medium

Made from 100% ingredients from controlled organic cultivation. Leimer organic breadcrumbs red refines every high-quality organic meat to perfectly crunchy schnitzels.

✓ Loosely, particularly crunchy

✓ Even pick-up

✓ Suited for every application

✓ Particularly appealing golden coating

✓ Crunchy, crispy optical characteristic