As a competent partner for processors and industry we are in the position to provide all required packaging sizes. You will get all common logistic units suitable for your lot sizes in the production.

Silo truck

We offer maximum availability of our free-flowing products for processors who are dependent on a cost efficient materials management. Our external silos allow the direct and therefore dust-free, hygienic filling of the tank truck with breadcrumbs.


The capacity of bags is determined by the granulation of the respective product. Dependent on the application, we fill paper- and PE-bags and deliver on all common standard pallets like Euro-, IPPC-, one-way- and plastic pallets for the hygiene sector. We obtain our packaging solely from ISO-/IFS certified suppliers.

Big Bags

Our integrated suction conveyor allows the automatic filling of big bags in all common sizes. Dependent on your production capacity and required lot size we are able to fill all breadcrumbs and white-bread shreds also into bulk bags like big bags. They are taken back as part of a returnable system.