Soup Pearls

LEIMER soup-pearls are a popular soup add-in. They are simply sprinkled in the ready cooked clear or thickened soup just before serving.

LEIMER soup-pearls are also a crispy snack for many occasions.

Available in the handy PP bag or as 5 kg carton.

Pancake Noodles

LEIMER pancake noodles are the ideal ready-made soup add-in for clear soups.

Put the desired quantity of pancake noodles into the soup bowl, infuse with boiling broth and let it simmer for about 3 minutes. So simple, hearty and tasty!

Egg Puffs

LEIMER egg puffs, the tasty, light soup add-in made of choux pastry.

Egg puffs are perfectly suited as toppings for cold sweet soups and for garnishing sweet dishes and desserts. They can be filled with sweet and hearty fillings like mini-Éclaires. Also known as profiteroles in the Italian and French cuisine.

50% whole egg gives them an appetizing golden colour.