Premium Breadcrumbs

A lot of dishes of the traditional and modern cuisine are unthinkable without breadcrumbs. In the production, we pay particular attention to the best ingredients from the region and gentle baking of the white-bread at a low temperature. Our breadcrumbs are a real clean label quality product since we do without any ingredients subject to declaration.

With their light colour they are the basis for all classical ranges of application like:

  • Coating
  • Gratinating
  • Baking
  • Binding of liquids
  • Production of soup additions

Organic Breadcrumbs

Certified mills from the region supply the wheat flour for our LEIMER organic breadcrumbs from controlled organic agriculture.

The bread is gently baked at low temperatures, carefully dried, ground and sifted.

  • Universally suited for all dishes – sweet as well as hearty
  • The mono PE sack can be recycled without any problems in the recycling cycle


The Swabian cooking experts swear by LEIMER “Mutschelmehl” as a typical ingredient for their regional specialities. It is made from crust-free white-bread and is therefore considerably lighter than breadcrumbs. LEIMER “Mutschelmehl” is the first choice whenever particularly light breadcrumbs should be used.

“Mutschelmehl“ is especially suited

  • For “Mutschelmehl”-dumplings
  • For spreading cake tins
  • For all sweet dishes and desserts


We bake the white-bread for our LEIMER breadcrumbs with wheat flour type 1050 which is why they are slightly darker in colour but as equally universally applicable as our LEIMER premium breadcrumbs.






Golden Breadcrumbs

LEIMER Golden Breadcrumbs is the ideal product whenever you want to give your coating a particularly appetizing golden colour. We only use paprika and no artificial additives as colouring ingredient in the bread dough.